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Upgrade to a suite of generative AI tools built from the ground up for the retail industry.
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Generate fashion models with artificial intelligence

Show apparel on models.
Without a photoshoot.

Automatically convert your apparel product shots to professional on-model photos with AI. Bring your own models or generate new ones instantly. Reduce photoshoot costs by 10x, increase conversions and achieve faster time to listing.

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Swap models instantly.
Sell to new audiences.

Adapt your existing model photos to new audiences. Increase conversions by making your store more inclusive and differentiate your store from others who might be using the same photos from suppliers.

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Professional Services.
Custom built machine learning models

Every retail business is unique. We can help you build custom machine learning models to solve your unique problems from outfitting models, classification to generating new product photos.

Retail + Technology is in our fabric

We’ve built products and provided services for some of the most notable companies in the industry.

Machine learning R&D
Fabric print generators
Classification models
Clothing design tools
Automated 3D models
Styling mobile games
Outfitting models
Image processing algorithms
Virtual fitting rooms
Generative AI models
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